Terry "Kid Lucky" Louis : Voices of Madness

IFAC presents sunset performance "Voices of Madness" A soundscape that explores the mental state of human beings in situations of stress and complete mental breakdown. Combining vocal soundscapes and words, Kid Lucky touches subjects such as, Trump, transgender rights, religion, mental Illness and more.
Kid Lucky is a vocal sound artist who uses the voice to create sonic pictures and invoke various emotions to the listener. Kid Lucky specializes in beatboxing, floetry and scatting. Since 1996 Kid Lucky has been considered one of the most cuttting edge vocalists in the world. In 1996 he formed his first all vocal band called Real Conscious Venue with two friends. After that he formed another group called Urban Chants. Kid Lucky spent the next few years developing his vocal craft and presenting it all over New York City.
He moved to Prague for two years in 2008 and there he developed a vocal style he calls BEATRHYMING - beatboxing and rhyme flow at the same time. Kid Lucky's vocal style is a combination of four different vocal techniques into one, beatboxing, spoken word, scatting, and Tuvan throat singing. Combined, these four techniques are the foundation for beatrhyming. 
Kid Lucky is a master improviser who has been improvising since 1996. He has trained in free jazz from masters such as Sabir Mateen, David Pleasant, Daniel Carter, Mem Nahader, Meg Montgomery and Butch Morris. He has worked with hip hop freestyle masters such as MC Supernatural, Rahzel, Doug E Fresh, Baba Israel, Hired Gun, Breeze Evahflowin, Akim Funk Buddha. He has collaborated with many artists including Stevie Wonder, Cleve Douglas, Vernon Reid, Melvin Gibbs, JT Lewis, Amayo, Bill Etra, Brandon Emerick, Missy Galore, Bec Stupac, and more all improvised.
He has worked with Visual artists Fly (peops) Eric Drooker (Flood, illuminating Poems) Meres (5 pointz founder), Sol Sax and others by providing a improvised vocal art soundscapes to help create moods for their art pieces and installations. 
Kid Lucky's live vocal sound art installations have been presented in The Anehiem Convention Center, Madison Square Garden, The Rock The Bells Tour, Webster Hall, Lincoln Center, Joe's Pub, Manhattan Center, P.S. 122, NYC Subway, Overseas he has presented his vocal sound art exhibitions at Archa Theater in Prague, Czech Republic, Contact Theater in Manchester, England, Mama's Shelter in Paris, France and more! Kid Lucky's vocal sound art installations have appeared on MTV, Vh1, BET, ESPN, MTV2, NBC with Cat Greenleaf, Fuse TV and more. All improvised. 
RIP Terry. 


85 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002


85 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002
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